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Corentin Guillo
Corentin Guillo

Fresh satellite imagery for the construction and infrastructure sector


How to make timely and better-informed decisions

Is this construction site really progressing? Have the cranes arrived on site? Is the access road already open? Have the foundations been completed? Do I need to send my team now? Are these contractors progressing in-line with their reports?


Working in construction or infrastructure operations may mean you're asked these questions on a daily basis!


Although it may be easy when you operate a small business with local sites, it starts to be much more complex when you operate at a national or global basis.


According to Oxera, 50% of Internet users access maps online to make important decisions for their personal and professional lives.

Although it’s the most popular mapping tool, Google Maps is seriously out of date and the imagery is very poor quality in many places. In fact, since Google launched its Maps and Earth services in 2005, they have been able to offer less than 1% of the total imagery acquired by existing satellite and airborne operators ever since.


queensferryQueensferry Crossing Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland


For large construction companies and infrastructure operators, who undertake projects all across the globe, satellite imaging has become incredibly useful. Extensive surveys and explorations of potential building sites need to be undertaken before any work can begin. Companies need detailed images of their sites and surrounding areas on a regular basis to have better understanding of the context; for example, companies need to identify the most effective points of access for goods vehicles.


But observation imagery remains very difficult to access due to a very fragmented supply chain, and current business models serve only larger requests from high value customers with deep pockets.


map_middleeastNew construction projects detected by Bird.i New Construction Tracker within the last quarter in the UAE


With the explosion of new construction areas in urban centres, numerous new building projects have been undertaken since 2005 and Google Maps cannot keep up with the pace.

Bird.i's Image Service offers a solution to this outdated satellite imagery without replacing Google Maps, but by enhancing its user experience and value.


Bespoke content: Because we have access to so many different images for any location on the planet and users often do not know what images suits best their needs, we’ve made it easy for you. Our platform uses proprietary artificial intelligence techniques to offer you tailored content that fit best your unique needs.


Instant access: We know that you have no time to look at contract, data format or interface technology, so we have built up a hassle free subscription service. There are no contracts to sign or legal hoops to jump through. You just have to decide on the number of images you need and agree to our terms and conditions and start accessing the images.


Seamless Integration: You can access the Image Service from Bird.i Portal and search for any location on the planet. But you will get the most value if you integrate it into your own location based services or mapping application (does not necessarily need to be based on Google Maps) and share it with your colleagues and customers. Again, we’ve made it super simple for you to integrate our API, the only information needed are a location, size and zoom level.


integrationBird.i Image Service integrated into a construction project management tool


We offer the best of the world’s satellite imagery, sourced from a variety of commercial satellite operators, in a single click through the Bird.i Image Service.


This gives companies access to excellent quality observation imagery over locations of interest and beyond. The information gained from our images provides incontestable evidence-based insight for informed and timely decision making.


moscowZaryadye Park in Moscow, completed on September 9th 2017.


From the comfort of your desk, you can now observe any location of interest with a high level of detail which might not always be necessary for your own sites, but could be very valuable in monitoring your competitors’.

In short, Google Maps is outdated. Bird.i’s Image Service provides the way forward for the construction industry and infrastructure sectors. We provide not only incredibly detailed images, but valuable insights too.


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